Common house gutter problems

Common House Gutter Problems

Common house gutter problems

Common house gutter problems

House gutters are very important and play vital role in maintaining hygiene in home. The main aim of rain gutter is to funnel water off the roof. It keeps rain water away from the home. Roof gutters are also very important. In simple words, Gutter is used to channel water away from the foundation of the home and it is important to keep water away from the foundation. If the water overflows near foundation, it can cause severe damages to it, thereby affecting the stability of the home and the common problems are

Clogged gutters is the most common problem caused when debris like leaves, twigs, etc. get stuck in the gutter. Hence it causes clogging that leads to water overflow during a rainstorm. It is important for the water to flow through the drain to avoid foundation problems.


Sagging gutters occurs when the weight from the clogging of water causes it to sag. This is usually caused by loose hangers which pull out when they are unable to hold the extra weight.


Leak and Holes can happen pretty easily and cause water to pour down from the middle of the gutter.


Improperly pitched gutters refers to the wrong angle at which the gutter is placed, causing the water to flow wrongly. The slope of the gutter must sit at the right angle for proper functioning.


Missing gutters means there is no gutter installed to drain the rainwater away, causing foundation problems and basement flooding.

Most gutter problems are easy to fix and a general maintenance plan is worth the effort to prevent much larger issues. If you want any professional advice on gutter problems, you can explore This is the best place to hire the professionals to get all the common gutter problems resolved.



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